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Pilbara - Remember Me - Exhibition

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Kurlkayima Ngatha—Remember Me presents the outcomes of an ongoing project developed in partnership with IBN Corporation and the Yinhawangka, Banyjima and Nyiyaparli people. The project has created a platform for people to reconnect with memories of bush tucker and bush medicine through return trips to Country. Aboriginal voices are captured through films shot by cinematographer Giovanni Lorusso and plant samples illustrated by Philippa Nikulinsky AM. Nikulinsky has worked as an illustrator of natural history in the mid 1970s, specialising in plants from harsh environments. Her illustrations have been included in many books and magazines. She is the author or coauthor of books on plants, animals, and their environment. The project with the IBN Corporation will continue beyond the Perth exhibition with events scheduled in the Pilbara.

Kurlkayima Ngatha—Remember Me explores place and belonging, memory and loss, renewal and decay, and asks what the future could look like for a system of knowledge that sustained life for an estimated 50,000 years of continuous culture.

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