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Written, Directed and Produced by MICHAEL CODY AND AMIEL COURTIN-WILSON


RUIN is an impressionistic fable- the story of Phirun (Rous Mony) and Sovanna (Sang Malen) - two young lovers inexplicably drawn together who escape a brutal and exploitative world of crime and violence in modern day Cambodia.


Fleeing Phnom Penh after a murder, they travel deeper into the jungle. As their vulnerable love ebbs and flows along their journey, they wake from the trauma of their former lives and unleash a violent rage upon the world. Love and death intermingle as they travel deeper into the abyss- their world strangely transforming around the two young lovers on the run.





     - Orizzonti Special Jury Price

       70 Venice Film Festival

     - Best Cinematography

       Moscow IFF

     - Best Editing Asian Pacific FF

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