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May 27, 2015

Film Grabs



Emily longs for an expensive, exquisite silk dress. It’s silly to spend so much money on things, but what is life without plain ordinary pleasures?



Tara Kehoe

Hayley Bracken

Sarah-Daisy Faraone

Nick Modrzewski

Latif Baris

Tamsin Pritchard

Isaac Wall


Producer Isaac Wall

Associate Produ...

May 6, 2015

Film Grabs


A married couple investigate the prospects of buying a piece of land.



Mark Mitchell

Andrew Ford

Sean Marler

Louise Bremmer


Producer Kate Laurie

Director Isaac Wall

Script Isaac Wall

Editor Luca Cappelli & Isaac Wall

Art Director Lucie McMahon

Cinematographer Giovanni C. Lorusso




January 14, 2015

Director: Alena Lodkina

shooting schedule: January 2015


Leica M9


October 15, 2014

Director: Isaac Wall

shooting schedule: December 2014


g: Leica x1 - 35mm Elmarit f:2.8


August 16, 2014

Luce Vacua Screen Shots S.2

Photography by: Hugh Turral

July 9, 2014

Luce Vacua Screen Shots S.1


June 21, 2014

Color | 15’ | 4K | Australia 2014

a film by Giovanni C. Lorusso



Paean definitions: 


- A paean /ˈpiːən/ is a song or lyric poem expressing triumph
- Paean or Sanka, ( Japanese: “Mountain Cave”) is a specific outcast group of people in Japan. The Sanka are sometimes called the Japanese Gypsies, wander...

June 4, 2014

15' Col 2014


Film Grabs

BMPC 4K; Zeiss ZF.2 Set


April 29, 2014

Stills 360' shutter

BMPC 4K; Zeiss 50mm 1.4

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