I produce images for DRAMA, ART and COMMERCIALS.

I also PHOTOGRAPH people and their condition.


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April 17, 2014

21 Allor fu la paura un poco queta,

che nel lago del cor m’era durata

la notte ch’i’ passai con tanta pieta.



24 E come quei che con lena affannata,

uscito fuor del pelago a la riva,

si volge a l’acqua perigliosa e guata,



27 cosí l’animo mio, ch’ancor fuggiva,

si volse a retro a rimirar lo passo

che non...

April 11, 2014

duration: 41 seconds

no sound


LED artwork (unknown artist)

Light reflected on a wooden door edge



April 9, 2014

Geometry is composed either by necesity or by functionality.

This binds geometry in a realm of limited temporality.

It follows that eternal is everything that can be geometrical and useless at the same time.


Metal wire on paper and dust


February 1, 2014

'Not only are artworks allegories, they are the catastrophic fulfillment of allegories. The shocks inflicted by the most recent artworks are the explosion of their appearance'.

T.W. Adorno, Aesthetic Theory

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