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Angela Zhang

Gateway: Context and Translation


2011 Col. 12'



GATEWAY: Context, translation, place, displacement

Curated by Tammy Wong


Angela Zhang (Jihong) is a lecturer at East China Normal University, Shanghai at the School of Art who has prior to teaching has lived and worked as a professional artist in the Netherlands in 1993-2004.

Since 2004 until now, she has travelled extensively between China and the Netherlands.

During this time, she became inspired by the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang and Chan (Zen in Japanese) philosophy.


In particular she believed in the eternal cycle of life and the balance of opposition and unity of matter of the universe.

As an artist from the East that lived in the West, she tried to unite the two cultures in her work.

Her concept is based on eastern wisdom and my artistic discipline is mostly rooted in western contemporary art.


She believes that both wisdom and art are universal and East and West are able to be united through art.





d: Giovanni C Lorusso

p: Angela Zhang

c: Tammy Wong

g: Canon 5D


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